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Futurology, you say? Yes, a little bit, but based on what has been happening we can and should think about the future of sports betting. Speaking about sports betting these days won’t be the same as speaking about it in the future, because online betting is always changing, and we are struggling with that while some of us are learning with it as well.

Sports betting: Present vs Future

Today, I decided to bring you a “lighter” article that also tries to bring out the “guru” in you or at least make you think about the future of online sports betting.


As always, I will divide it into topics, because these are some matters that I will have to think about in the future and will try to debunk right now.

Basically speak about what we have right now and won’t have in the future, and on the other hand make a return to the past and figure out what we had and that we no longer have right now, or what isn’t even utilized these days.

Having the notion that what was trending in the past is now “normal” and that is nowadays futurology will be used by all of us “tomorrow”.

I’m speaking in general regarding methods, lines, markets, leagues. Whatever you think is normal now, I’m sure it will be ordinary and outdated in the future.

That’s how it is on our day-to-day lives even. In fashion, for example, the clothes that people wore in the 60s aren’t used these days, as well as the hairstyles.

Everything changes and evolves, but here and there we see something that becomes trendy again. But we’ll leave that for later, for another article, although we will also slightly touch on it briefly here to better explain the concepts.

The idea will also be making a “duel” between today and a very near future I’d say, but always looking to reality and to the coherence in sports betting.

Shall we get to it? Forgive me for my audacity or futurology in sports betting, but I think we can afford to do that these days.


Today’s markets will obviously be tomorrow’s markets as well, because I believe that the famous Money Line (ML) or the “Overs” will last forever.

Other new ones such as the corners or cards’ market, what we normally call side bets, will be in the future “ordinary” ones, even because the bookmakers will suffer with the experts of these markets until then and eventually adjust on those markets in specific.

LayDraw with protection on the “Time of First Goal” market

The evolution of sports betting is all about this: a market that is a novelty for a while and then becomes ordinary, with fair odds and considered “normal”, where the bookmakers will feel less threatened by it.


I spoke about odds and following up on the idea of the last point, I’m already going to approach this odds’ situation.

The odds will vary here and there, but they become fairer and more “normal” each time, and as I’ve said in other articles, we will have to get used to the “calibrated line” – odds calibrated by the bookmakers and the oddsmakers.

These odds will be further and further away from the “Fair Line” on certain markets, until new markets appear, and the cycle begins again.


These days we already have odds for all kinds of competition in general, being able to bet on literally anything, even on the winner of a certain TV show, because everything has odds for us to bet on.

In the future, that will become even a bigger reality, sports that currently aren’t seen as betting targets will have lines and odds offered for them in the future. Why?


It’s simple the idea and theory of Evolution in online sports betting suggests that each time people find gold, the bookmakers go there and put an end to that prospection.

That way, the Punters are always looking for something new and different, let’s say, something that the bookmakers aren’t ready for. I believe that with this theory, one day we might bet normally on a sport or event that we usually devalue nowadays.


Super strong, and it will only get worse. On one hand, there are smaller bookmakers but on the other side there are also the market dominators.

That’s the case of 1XBet that came to stay and fight for the “monopoly” while on the other side there is a Bet365 with more and more profits every year and that keeps trying to resist the Russian power.

But being under the umbrella of the UK Gambling doesn’t allow them to go for higher flights, and as it is known or is being rumoured, the idea of “escaping” to Malta and return to being the Greatest in the world of sports betting as they already were previously instead of “only” being the best European bookmaker.


New bookmakers will appear, some of them will stay, others will go away, and what should worry you are the ones that appear and then disappear quickly, because if you have money there, it can be an additional problem for you.

Try to know what those bookmakers are and whether you can trust them or not, but when in doubt always use the one that most bettors utilize and the one with better feedback on the market, I’ll give you that advice!


Right now, they are on the struggle and it will be the same tomorrow. The future is increasingly more difficult and painful, and people that try to make it in this world will have to work even harder.

More than now, because the world of sports betting doesn’t stop and having a big backoffice really helps on the preparation and on the perception of the future of sports betting.

Those that have already went through several changes in sports betting are much better prepared than those who are just starting out and I think the only advantage that a bettor has right now and that is different from the past is the access to information.

Beat the Bookies

That leads me to believe that whoever wants to be good in sports betting will have a quicker development than in the past. Nowadays there are a lot of websites about sports betting and even the newspapers and the TV channels talk about sports betting, everything is more accessible.

The contents are becoming more detailed and more specific and the audience is becoming increasingly more demanding and with this natural development of information, I believe that on the near future the bettors will have much more information than now and more and more capable.

But people also say that things change over time, but it seems like the contents are here to stay. The question now is what to do with this excess of information… But that’s a topic for a different article!

Futurology in sports betting

Now it is that portion where we will be guessing things rather than claiming facts, but I can already understand some things right now, even because nowadays we are already speaking about things that in 2012, when I started in sports betting, were almost unheard of.

I’m speaking about the brokers, and that will be the future for several reasons.

Firstly because of all the regulations and restrictions of the countries that want to regulate sports betting. The power of the Asian bookmakers with superior liquidity will always be enticing for the most ambitious and expert bettors.

The brokers have also lost clients and it is normal for them to want more, even lowering the “buy-ins” to have the software to access the bookmakers, which resulted on the increase of demand.

Even the less-known “brands” of the brokers’ market saw their best clients “move” to other services and there’s nothing better than taking advantage of the market niche.

Other valence of the brokers will definitely be the problems with the limitations of sports betting, and even what is said about the problems with withdrawals and deposits, the new brokers already allow people to utilize e-wallets, for example.

futuro 1

As I’ve said previously, the rapid growth of bettors these days due to the more information also forces the best bettors to have a different absorption of the market and for that, they need to have condition to get them.

Therefore, nothing better than having “half-brokers” so that they can make the transition to the bigger brokers.

Another prediction that I make is that we will only have one or two reliable European bookmakers, and I’d say they will be 1XBet and Bet365, on that order of opinion. And besides that, we will have the “smaller” ones, for us to grab one or two bonuses and not much more than that.

In the future we will also obviously have a fiercer market and with the regulated markets even more strangling, I have the opinion that not many bookmakers will be able to hold on and only a couple of them will do well.

We will have more regulated markets, more brokers and a stranger future than what we currently have.

The panorama of sports betting will certainly change, with more regulated markets, more informed bettors and the market expanding even more.

New betting options, new markets and new bonuses will appear, but always with the purpose of offering us a wider market option and having our bankroll on their companies.

My friends, get ready, the times are changing, and they will change even more. Don’t get surprised, it is natural and is part of the evolution of this fast-changing world.

I can leave you several advices and we would be here all day, but the most important one is simple: be as well-informed as possible and on the vanguard.

You need to always have good information to strengthen yourself as bettors and that is the better solution for your betting method/strategy, because that will really be the most important thing in the future.

That’s it for today. A lot could still be speculated about the future of sports betting, but I believe that I touched on the essential and especially a bit of futurology regarding sports betting.

Ideas and consequences of what we already realizing is happening in the present on sports betting. Good luck!

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