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Any bettor who starts their adventure in sports betting must know some principles about safety in their online bets.

Web security is a very important aspect, not only of sports betting, but also of any activity practiced virtually.

That’s why, in order to protect you and your money from the various online dangers, such as identity stealing, computer viruses or any type Internet fraud, we have prepared a small guide about what there is to remember when betting in the bookmakers online.

If you follow this few rules, there shouldn’t be any problem in investing your money in sports events with online bookmakers.

Relation with the bookmakers

When it comes to strictly online bookmakers, remember that collaboration with the bookmaker plays a key role in the well-being of both parties.

In addition, both parts must show trust and collaborate with each other, as it is of both interests that all operations that involve bets work as correctly as possible.

Otherwise, the authorities can get involved and, many times, it’s the last thing that you and the bookmaker want.

If you have any problem with the bookmaker, for example, a negative balance after removing the money that the bookmaker paid you wrong, just contact the support and try to solve the problem.

The bookmakers seriously worry about their image and want that their users to trust in them and be satisfied with their services.

That’s why online bookmakers are doing everything in their power to protect bettors and their money.

Bookmaker’s analysis

Before depositing any money into your bookmaker’s account, you have to examine carefully their credibility.

The best way to do it would be to visit the sites of the various bookies that you consider betting, as well as reading some opinions from their users or ex-users in betting forums.  

Another way of evaluating the quality and credibility of the bookmaker is verifying the bookmakers various rankings, and our Bookmakers Comparison is, probably one of the best.

The better the bookmaker’s position and rank in the Bookmakers Comparison List, the more confidence you can place in it.

When it comes to bookmakers, in addition to their offer, the most important is their reliability, whether they make payments on time, make no mistakes when paying the bets or if you money is safe in their hands.

We already recommend the Legalized Bookmakers, Bet365, 1xbet and 10bet, in terms of security, are the only reliable ones.

A good antivirus software is crucial to bet online in safety.

After choosing the bookmaker we will use, the next thing to consider is to protect your computer.

Betting in security at the Bookmakers We must tell you that even the best software won’t give you a 100% guarantee that your money and your data will be safe.

Still, it is a lot better to have any kind of protection than to have none.

You can buy a professional antivirus software or use a variety of free programs available online.

Even the free ones are relatively good and can keep you safe from malware and computer viruses, as well as protecting you against small attacks from hackers.

We recommend you the antivirus Mcafee.

What kind of password should you utilize when logging into your account?

When it is about Internet security and money, a good password is, probably, the most important thing. There are some principles about how to utilize passwords correctly.

First, remember no to use the same logins (your name or nickname on a specific site) and password on more than one website.

In addition to your account on the bookmaker’s website, this includes all your email addresses, Internet communicators, chats and all kind of websites.

Secondly, have in mind that, when registering in any website, you will leave some of your personal information to the owner of this website.

This means that, if he wants, he can utilize your passwords or any personal information to harm you in any way.

That’s why it is advisable to be careful when surfing the Web, as your activity can influence your online security, including your data and money deposited on the bookmaker’s website.

A good decision when creating a new password is to utilize letters and numbers that are easy to memorize and that, together, can prove difficult to guess by other people.

A good example is to combine your dog’s name or your favorite restaurant with your passport number or your date of birth.

We advise you this site that generates passwords: passwordsgenerator.

If you have already created an account at a bookmaker, be sure not to choose the “remember passwords” option on the website.

You can run the risk of someone else being able to log into your account through your own PC or use a virus to hack it from your own computer.

Many people write down all their passwords from the various accounts and leave them in a file on the computer or in their email box.

That is a very serious mistake that can be used against you in many ways. If someone steals your computer or hacks your email, that someone will have total control of your data and/or your money.

We advise this password protection software: Dashlane.

Also, don’t use, in any way, a PC or any other device that isn’t yours to log in into your account.

Even if you trust in your own computer, you can’t be sure about the other computers. Their computers can be heavily exposed to hacker attacks.

When we talk about logging on through another person’s devices, we should mention that it is very dangerous to use Wi-Fi networks without security or any suspicious network.

Just be reasonable. Online betting security isn’t different from online security in general.

It’s also advisable to change your password once in a while.

This will help you to memorize the password better, as it will always be more recent that the one you changed from. In addition to that, it will reduce the chances that your password will be discovered.

You should also inform a person that you trust, a family member or friend, that you bet through a certain online bookmaker and give him your password.

That way, if something happens to you (let’s hope not), this person can withdraw your money.

Data Verification. What do you have to pay attention to?

Most of the times, the bookmakers establish a data check for new users by registering for a betting account.

That verification objective is to verify our data in case of accuracy and if there are inconsistencies.

Due to data verification, the bettor and the bookmaker are convinced that a piracy attempt will be prevented from their account.

It is very hard to deceive an online bookmaker because, during the data verification process, normally it is necessary to send a copy from your passport, identity document or credit card to confirm your identity.

When scanning and sending your documents to the bookmaker, don’t forget to cover some of your personal information that isn’t required by the system.

In addition to that, be careful with any kind of fraud. People will pretend that they are working in the bookmaker company and ask you to give them your password or sending your money to a certain bank account.

They just want to deceive you. By no means, a person who works in an online bookmaker company will ask you those questions. You must immediately report these telephone calls and the e-mails to the bookmaker support and even to the police.

The last advice to give is, simply, be reasonable and be aware. Don’t keep large amounts of money in your betting account.

In addition to that, withdraw your money when you aren’t betting with it and deposit it only when you are about to bet on something.

Although it is a time consuming process, it can prevent you from having your money stolen.

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