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A lot of bettors have doubts regarding how betting bots work in sports betting. In this article we bring the definitions and functionalities of this resource called betting bot, alongside with the pros and cons of utilizing it.


Not every bettor has the availability to spend all day tracking several leagues, collecting data from several leagues and clubs. Because of that, a lot of bettors resort to betting bots, who are sort of robots, and one of their functions is optimizing and facilitating the bettors’ manual searches.

The Betting bots are nothing more than software, programmed to fulfill your needs. They work as sort of a filter, being able to adapt to the style of each user. A lot of people utilize them to look for options based on some specific conditions, such as: selected leagues, specific markets, minimum and maximum odds, amongst some others.

This computer program performs actions on the bookmakers, based on certain conditions pre-established by the bettor. You didn’t get it? It’s simple! The bettor places some filters before the start of matches, like “if “X” happens, perform action “Y””. These are basically conditions that the bettor imposes to the software, so that it can place a bet.

For example, I can choose the “Over 1.5 Goals” market in the match and add the filter to the software, forcing it to only bet when the odds reach a minimum value I’ve established previously, if it is within the time limit I’ve set and if the mathematical conditions of the likelihood of more than 1 goal being scored are “X”.

The machine will analyse the matches under the conditions the bettor decides he wants to be fulfilled. That way, if any match from the list the bettor selects meets the pre-established conditions, the software will place the desired bet. It’s important to highlight that this robot performs actions based on mathematical probabilities and not qualitative characteristics.

It can’t bet on a specific alert or a specific team, based on if a team is playing well or poorly. It’s a numerical pattern and if it meets the required conditions, it will do it, without any kind of extra analysis.


Like everything that involves sports betting, this program also has its risks. As it was said previously, it doesn’t make qualitative bets (those human evaluations of who is playing better on the event), but only actions based on numbers.

But it is good to remind that it is the bettor that defines those variables. The robot will not do everything alone, unless you tell him what you want him to do. Then, even if there is a facilitator on the time of looking for a “perfect” condition, you are the one that defines the ideal situation.

This robot does the “dirty work”, which is digging through a series of matches to find a situation defined as ideal. If there is any mistake on the conditions defined by the bettor, the software will perform the action anyway, because it is an action that was recommended by the bettor.


For the bettor, it is always important to use a method, to facilitate the search for matches and ideal opportunities. A lot of people spend a lot of hours analysing a streak of matches, leagues, infinite markets, without knowing what they’re really looking for. At the end of the day, maybe they can’t even find any option that truly pleases them, or they’re already too tired to study the chosen option and end up betting without a lot of conviction.

The betting bots only work as facilitators. They will research what the bettor understands as good options. That means it is useless to provide betting bots if you still haven’t found what market is the most profitable for you. And putting on the programming of the software a wide range of markets will make it bet on a lot of things, which in the medium to long term will be more negative than positive.


Then it is important to make studies in advance, to indicate the software exactly what we want from it. Analysing situations, making some calculations and knowing if the A or B market is being more profitable or making you lose money. The computer will be guided by the bettor, and based on its experiences, and for that, it must be confident on what you’re wanting to look for.

That way, following matches, creating a method and seeing if it ends up being consistent within matches. For example, if the home side is losing at minute “X”, analysing the goals’ lines, corners’ lines or even the handicaps, and in case the odds are at the minimum requirement, or the calculations suggest they have value, then place the bet.

As time goes by, it becomes easier to identify a pattern, and that will be utilized to program the bot. Everything depends on the style of the bettor and what he is looking for.


A lot of people say that Bots are the future when it comes to sports betting. This really is an option for those who need to automate their entries, or those who don’t have time to analyse a wide set of matches.

Bots are generally paid, because these are services offered by people of companies from the technological field. They perform in specific bookmakers and they’ve gained notoriety by acting on trading. That way, those bookmakers that offer markets of “buying and selling” are the most utilized by the bots.

Under these conditions, the odds move very quickly, especially in markets where time is a determinant aspect. Sports with quick variations such as basketball and tennis are also very common targets for the bots. Since the matches are extremely dynamic and odds can change in a matter of seconds be it the moneyline, over and under lines, handicaps, amongst others.

It is not unusual for a bot to act on several bookmakers. However, the option of betting as punter is still present on those kinds of software. The conditions are the same ones specified in all of these articles, but they will remain until the end of the event. You can also set a stop loss, but those conditions would be more appropriate for Trading.

There are bots with several functions, even connecting to Excel, to generate a spreadsheet with betting data and market filtering. Others that have the function of opening several markets simultaneously and there are still those who compare specific odds.

Well, each one acts in a certain way and has standard functions, and some extras. It depends a lot on each bettor and how he desires to work, and even how much you are willing to invest. There are bots who are free, and there are those who are paid, having a free trial. It’s worth to research and check them out for yourself.


This portion is very delicate, and I clarify that this is a completely personal opinion. Those who want to offer their reports, I ask you to comment so that we can exchange our points of view.Firstly, it’s very important to say that a betting bot will not make you more profitable. At least not from the cold and literal point of view, because it won’t bet for you on situations you don’t desire it to bet on.

A software doesn’t have the ability to analyse which team is playing better on a match, if they’re creating more goalscoring chances or if their squad and playstyle are doing better. It doesn’t take into consideration the weather conditions, pressure from the fans, state of the pitch, amongst many other aspects.


It will be based on mathematical and numerical conditions, which means, “if the match is going like this, do this”, and that’s it. All of that will be defined by you, which means the conditions are yours and whether it works out or not will only depend on your betting style.

The robot has very interesting advantages and it will make you more agile and effective. It will encompass a wide range of matches, that happening simultaneously, wouldn’t allow you to follow them effectively. The bot will find a match with the ideal conditions and betting for you, in an automated action.

It’s worth to remind that all of this is based on your considerations, your study, and what you believe is more profitable. That way, the result being positive or negative goes beyond the bot and has to do with your analysis of how things will happen.


Speaking in a more definite fashion, the betting bot has its advantages, that is precisely covering a lot of matches and filtering the ones you would naturally bet on. It doesn’t just take an event that you decide the winner will be B or C and automatically bets on C, unless you tell him to do so, based on filters.

For those who want to experiment, I think it’s good to try it out. Not everyone adapts and some prefer to bet on what they’re seeing. But how easy it is, optimizing time and the function of delivering a product quickly and with very specific bases, the betting bot does it superbly.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it and share your experiences with us. Good luck!

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