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It has been rumored some eventual signings to Real Madrid next season but according to Spanish newspaper “Marca” before that happen the merengue club still have to sell some of the players high regarded in the market that would allow a good a some of money to club finances.


From the list recently presented by the Spanish newspaper “Marca”, Gareth Bale is clearly one of the most well quoted players that would be on the table as transferable this next Summer. The Welsh forward was regarded as the natural successor on the line to Cristiano Ronaldo but frequently injuries adding with a personality which was a little enigmatic that caused some suspicion in the locker room made this into a story into a known ending.

Before buying Real Madrid still has to sell some stars

Bale was close to be out of the club last season but an imminent business to China was never finalized so the ex-Tottenham player stayed one more season in Madrid. In the current season Gareth Bale´s numbers with Real Madrid are disappointing. With only 3 goals and 2 assists in only 18 games played, the numbers confirm that the player is well out of his best shape and probably with his head somewhere else.

At 28 years old and even after the generalized drop of value in the players market, Gareth Bale is still valued at 32 million euros and has certainly a lot of clubs desiring to sign him, especially in Premier League. Still, an eventual transfer around 40 million euros would be a huge decrease of value facing the 100 million euros that were invested in 2014 for him.

Anyway, in a phase where Real Madrid is sounding the market trying to look for players like Erling Haaland, Kylian Mbappe or Paul Pogba it becomes evident that someone has to go, to create space in the roster and make some money to attack all these expensive targets.


Other three elements on this list that would also be desirable in this Summer’s transfer window and will definitely get some tempting proposals. James Rodrigues’s agent is the well-known Jorge Mendes and he probably will work with a lot of exposure and some good offers.

The Colombian player also lost space in Madrid’s rotation as consequence of being injury prone, only playing thirteen games this season and scoring just one goal. James is still a tremendous offensive talent and at 28 years of age he’s still in time to resurrect is career in other club that shows more opportunities regularly.

With a market value at 32 million euros, it’s very likely that any offer around 35 million would be just enough to convince Real Madrid to let the player go. Mariano Diaz’s case tend to be easier to be solve since we are talk about a younger player – only 26 years old – that shined in Lyon and has all the conditions to be a scorer in some high fashion clubs in Europe.

Valued at only 13 million euros, I think that Real Madrid can sell him pretty easily for numbers around 25 million euros. The last one of this quartet induced as transferable is Spanish player Dani Ceballos which is currently loaned to Arsenal. The creative midfielder seems untouchable on Arsenal’s lineup and, if it wasn’t for an injury mid-season, he would have played certainly many more games.

He played 24 games before the competition stopped and it seemed that was assorting himself in the Premier League that would likely make Arsenal bid for his services at the end of the season. Being only 23 years old and with a market value of 32 million euros, the transfer could be valued around 35 million euros and after some good indications playing in England this season, Premier League seems like a good destiny for the future.


According to my selling projections, Real Madrid could profit somewhere around 135 million euros with these four transfers, plus having major cuts on the roster’s paywall with the departure of expensive salaries like Gareth Bale and James Rodriguez. If everything happens like Madrid’s management predicts, that would open a space to assault one of the main targets. Erling Haaland seems like a priority to 2020/2021, but Paul Pogba is still on the club’s horizon.

A profit superior to 100 million euros will certainly favor a position of power to Real Madrid regarding an assault for any of these players mentioned. But would the primary target? Questions will be answered in the next couple of weeks.





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