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All bettors are always encouraged to beat the bookies, the fight is so much that sometimes it becomes unreal.

We know that the “power” is right on the bookies side, it’s them who possess an entire team dedicated to each match, each fixture and league to offer us the odds.

Adding to this, they always have powerful machine that doesn’t leave “luck” by the hands of others!

With this brief example, we can tell that the fight is truly difficult between the bettor and the bookmakers, but sometimes the things get reversed!

We are going to give here, and only here in Inside Bet the news that the “impossible” can also happen.

In a certain bookie, one certain bettor after LESS than 24 hours of betting saw his account CANCELED!

With just 8 bets and with a total gain of 635 pounds, the bookie sent him and e-mail and simply closed that bettor account!

You don’t believe? Here is the evidence, both the e-mail and the betting history.

Beat the Bookies

Once again, the bookies always have the “advantage”, in this example, they started to lose, so they decided to solve the “evil” at the root and virtually expel the bettor!

This brings us to the old question that in Portugal, that with the legalization a very similar situation to this one, the bettor here in question was ALWAYS safeguarded and had only to do a complaint to our regulator SRIJ.

If you still had doubts if a bettor has advantages betting in bookies legalized by the regulator, here is a pretty good example of that.

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