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The possibility of the players of Barcelona’s main squad lowering their wages during this period of sporting crisis was being speculated for several days, and it was confirmed recently on an announcement made by Lionel Messi…


On the deal that was now announced, the players of the Catalan side will renounce 70% of their salary at this stage of stoppage on the competitions, but they will also donate some money to help out on the payment of the wages of the club’s employees.

Barcelona’s players lower their salaries, but Messi criticizes

This is a decision that appears after multiple speculations about the topic and several news that stated some of the players of the team allegedly weren’t interested in accepting such deal. All these days that went by before finishing the deal contributed towards the increase of the tension between both parties, despite the agreement at last between players and board, on a season that has been particularly busy.

We all remember the cotnroversy surrounding Eric Abidal and the way they’ve handled the departure of the club’s former manager Ernesto Valverde, highlighting that on an interview he gave to a media outlet he even mentioned that some players weren’t putting in their maximum effort.

That forced Lionel Messi to make a statement on social media where he defended his teammates and himself and inviting Abidal – director of football of the club – to name the players he was talking about.

But those doubts remained until these days and, since the former player of the club didn’t leave, it is natural that the environment of distrust prevails amongst the Blaugrana club.


And things seem to tend to get worse after Lionel Messi’s statement where the Argentinian star said he doesn’t like the pressure applied by the club so the deal was completed when, in fact, the only thing that prolonged the definition was the way the payment of the entirety of the club’s employees’ wages would be ensured.

Worlds like “we weren’t surprised that, within the club, there were people that were observing us closely and trying to apply pressure so that we did what was obvious that we would do” are all over the international press, as statements that clearly show the poor environment that exists amongst players and board, something that naturally isn’t positive for the club.

During an afflictive stage for everyone, despite the fact the players have been showing their solidarity, they also showed their displeasure with the way the board acted regarding this situation.

Another one of the highlights of Lionel Messi’s statement was the way he used the word “ALWAYS” regarding the help they’ve been giving to the club on every situation. That leaves the impression that the player might feel that the board might think that the players didn’t always make their best effort for the club, maybe recovering the words said by Eric Abidal a couple of months ago.


The crisis affects everyone, and Juventus has been trying to find a platform of understanding with their players in the sense of lowering their salaries at this stage of affliction. According to the Italian newspaper “Tutto Sport”, the Portuguese attacker didn’t create any kind of obstacles regarding that situation and apparently, he might be even willing to completely renounce a salary of a month and a half.

As the Italian press said Cristiano Ronaldo was a true superstar by not creating constraints to this deal, maybe taking another jab at Lionel Messi that, despite having agreed to reduce his wage at Barcelona, still caused some controversy
during a difficult period.

In Italy, there are news that it will be impossible for Juventus to hold on to Cristiano Ronaldo if this crisis is prolonged since his salary is really high. However, the openness of the Portuguese player to renounce a big portion of his wages while this situation lasts will certainly be a precious help for the Turin side.

World football is going through a reinvention period, as well as society in general, and it will be up to the players and wealthier clubs to set the example to follow by several layers of the sport. On this case in particular, we have to highlight the attitude of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Many might say they would also renounce a month and a half of salaries if they had CR7’s fortune, but the truth is that the Portuguese was one of the first to give the example in the footballing world. We’ll see who’s next…





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