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On another article that is focused on betting methods and strategies to optimize your performance on this universe, I’m writing about the bankroll leverage system in sports betting. Do you know what it is? I’ll explain below.

Bankroll leverage: What is it?

There are a lot of articles spread across the internet, for you to build strategies regarding bankroll leverage in sports betting. I advance that this article has an instructive intent, with some of my opinions on the topic, and it won’t offer you a “infallible” method to become rich quickly.

Bankroll leverage systems in sports betting

As some other terms of the sports betting universe, leverage is also originating from the financial market and on a simple explanation, this method is referring to an ability of increasing the yield of your capital, working as a multiplier of your initial investment.

In a lot of videos and articles about leverage, the content will be focused on trading, because that’s the case where it is closer to the initial objective of the method in the financial market.

In trading, the strategies are similar to the stock market, where the variations of the odds can be utilized to cash-out the bet with profit and invest those returns on a different market.

It is also important to remind that there can be losses, which means you can also lose your entire stake or cashout with a loss independently of the outcome of the event. That way, the motto is: sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

As a punter, which means, when you invest your stake and then wait for the final outcome of the event, there are also “perfect methods” for bankroll leverage.

Almost always, the conditions are specific for each bettor, that suggest a bankroll split and aggressive options, in order to try and ensure big profit in a short period of time.

There are several examples, just like: “how to leverage your bankroll from 15€ to 1500€”, “going up from 30€ to 3000€ in 30 days”, bizarre examples like that.

The trend of those alleged bettors is to sell an idea that is profitable and safe to bet on a lot of events with relatively low odds, with a very aggressive unit size, or increasing the amount invested gradually until they reach absurd values to have a very high net return with low odds.

Leverage method: Is it worth it?

This is the part where I’ll give my own opinion on the topic and I accept any kind of discussion, debate, criticism or suggestions from everyone, because I don’t think I’m the owner of the truth.

Utilizing the examples mentioned above, I keep thinking about the pros and cons of this system and how it is sold on the market, even in paid services.

Firstly, I don’t believe on a system that exposes your investment to the point of yielding you a good capital or almost completely compromising what you invested. There is no middle ground and that complicates any favourable analysis to a leverage method.

Leverage method: Is it worth it?

I’ve already seen some tipsters suggest odds of 1.05, 1.10, etc. Can’t you realize that any occurrence that is a bit out of the ordinary will put an end to any system, and even if you win a couple of bets in a row, you will return to square one, or end up in a position even worse than the one you started off at.

I really believe on the connection between risk/reward. In case I think that the risk is bigger than the potential reward, the odds have to be high, to yield me a good return.

I can’t imagine going aggressive on ridiculous odds can be profitable in anyway on the medium/long term.

The basic rule for bankroll leverage is being aggressive

In fact, I see no problems on this, but I’m extremely against being aggressive in a dumb way, because it doesn’t make sense to me.

Several methods and strategies seem to be foolproof at the beginning, but when you break, you realize the hole you got yourself into.

I never saw someone that sells this kind of service or material show when it goes wrong for them, and because I don’t believe on the perfect human being, I must conclude that you’re being tricked.

The basic rule for bankroll leverage is being aggressive

I’m not trying to come across as a successful bettor, but I’m trying to show you the wrong path, that I inclusively already went down in the past.

I believe and I trust on simple actions, of studying and becoming an expert in a certain market or sport. I believe you should filter your bets, diminishing your betting volume to try and get better results.

It is not leapfrogging stages, betting on everything you see, increasing your unit size at all times that you will be successful. On the contrary, the trend is that it will work out poorly and would lead to you making another deposit, but if you don’t learn from your mistakes, brace yourself (and your wallet), because the consequences will be hefty.

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