Bad Run! What to do when everything goes wrong in sports betting?

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On several articles, we bring some definitions of basic concepts in sports betting, and how we can better utilize each market. This time we will approach the negative aspect of sports betting: when you lose a lot of times in a row. Below there will be some considerations and how you should behave on these situations.

Do you know what a Bad Run is?

I’m not a fan of very complicated nomenclature to explain simple concepts. However, I’ll try to put this term that is so common within this universe in the easiest way possible.

Bad run is the name purely given to a “poor streak” of bets, which means, an undesired streak of wrong decisions and lost bets.

During that dark period, there are a lot more lost bets than won, or even a large streak of lost bets consecutively.

This is the crucial period on the life of a bettor!

The majority of bettors across the world aren’t able to surpass that poor moment of form and sadly they end up losing everything.

Obviously it is very hard for anyone to maintain psychologically healthy when facing a streak of lost bets and the bankroll decreasing drastically.

But this moment is the true test in the life of the bettor.

The one that is able to “survive” this stage tends to have a good result in the long term.

That’s because most people end up having the same disastrous sequence of actions: lose his mind, can’t stand to see the bankroll decreasing, try to recover the losses quickly, increase the value of the following bets or really increase the number of bets made, not studying the upcoming matches as they should.

The result of all of this is simple: you lose everything!

What to do when everything goes wrong?

Although we always have the intention of securing profit, the cruel reality shows us that the occurrence of losing bets is much more common than what we’d like.

I’m writing here from the standpoint of a person that didn’t know how to deal with the poor streaks for a longtime and that sometimes lost its entire bankroll.

As time goes by, every human being gets more mature but that is only possible when we end up reflecting about everything we did wrong.


Firstly, understanding that, no matter what you do, you will always lose some bets. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert in domestic, international or amateur football, the NBA, NFL or MLB. It doesn’t matter!

Despite how difficult the study or the analysis of the probabilities of each event might be, sometimes we will have to face the loss and understand that it is part of the game.

I’ve learned that during this time I am here for, having a solid foundation is essential in order not to lose everything. It is useless to have a 100$ bankroll on the bookmaker if I put down 25$ on each bet, or if I have a bankroll of 1000$ and bet 300$ on each bet.

My bankroll won’t withstand a small streak of lost bets. Making a bankroll management with a high number of units (I believe that at least 20 is already a good number), give you the safety of surviving the tougher periods.

After this basic lesson, it’s time to talk about what’s more important: your mental state.

Trying to recover from a lost bet is a basic mistake. For that, you need to remind yourself of one thing: a lost bet isn’t recoverable, it will remain a losing bet even if you win the next 10 bets in a row.

Of course if you have a streak of won bets, your balance will be positive.


But taking into consideration that betting requires a basic analysis of the events, what’s the probability of you being successful trying to increase the betting volume when you’re on streaks, right after a loss? I’ll respond you: almost none!

Winning a bet might be up to 2 aspects involved: a good analysis or a good dose of luck.

When we lose it means that we weren’t focused enough on the odds of the match or maybe it is a day where everything we’ve analysed is correct, but that it simply didn’t work out that day.

Each one rises it in its own way

But I’m fully convinced that betting with a hot head is extremely dangerous, not only because we have a better perception of the odds, utilizing emotion a lot more than reason and then make a bet as soon the better odds come up.

It is not uncommon at all that after a streak of lost bets, there will be that huge advantage of giving an All-in.

That’s not right because you will lose everything in any case.

If you lose your bet, obviously all your money goes down the drain. If you win your bet, you considerable increase your bankroll, recover your loss, but it also gives you the conviction that when things start going poorly, that is the solution.


Result: On the next bad run you will go all-in again and you might lose everything. Making this a habit is a death sentence for your bankroll.

Don’t spend too much time logged in to your account.

Keep in mind that it is a cat and mouse game. If you have prejudice now, the profit will come tomorrow, and the more mature and safer you are, things will tend to work out well.

Each person has a different strategy, but the first step to take is not losing emotional control. Ever!

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