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Atlético Junior vs Guarani – Copa Libertadores : Their qualification for the 3rd round of the Copa Libertadores’ qualifying stage came in heroic fashion

The team was about to get eliminated by Olimpia, at home, but with the strength of their fans and their best player Teo Gutierrez, they were able to score the goal they needed, in the final minutes, and take care of the Paraguayan team.

Latest matches: JUNIOR
11.02.18 LGA Pasto Junior 2-0
09.02.18 LIB Junior Olimpia Asuncion 3-1

04.02.18 LGA Junior Bucaramanga 1-0
01.02.18 LIB Olimpia Asuncion Junior 1-0
03.12.17 LGA Junior America De Cali 2-3

This team has a lot of technique and has as their main weapon their attacking duo, formed by the famous striker along with the speed of their men in the flank.

Now they have another Paraguayan team on their way. In my opinion, Junior takes the favouritism, both in this 1st leg and on this knockout tie.

If they maintain their level, allied with the concentration, I don’t see any result other than the Colombian team advancing onto the Copa Libertadores’ group stage.

Latest matches: GUARANI
10.02.18 PDV Libertad Guarani 2-0
06.02.18 LIB Guarani Carabobo 6-0

03.02.18 PDV Guarani Sol De America 6-2
30.01.18 LIB Carabobo Guarani 1-0
07.12.17 PDV Diaz Guarani 5-2

After the scare of defeat, on the 1st leg, to the inexpressive Carabobo, Guarani was able to recover, and they’ve won comfortable on the 2nd leg.

It was a resounding 6-0 that left things smoother for the Paraguayan team.

On the past weekend, the team lost to Libertad in the league, much because they played with an alternative line-up, in order to focus 100% on this Copa Libertadores.

This matchup is hard for them and the team will have to surpass itself in order to advance and achieve their main objective of the season here.

Atlético Junior vs Guarani – Betting Tip and Prediction:

This will be an interesting duel, that shows two different styles of football.

One that is based on technique and speed, which is Junior’s, while the other is a style more based on work-rate, where defence always prevails.

If the two teams show what they’ve already shown in the 1st leg, I believe that Junior will win, because they have more experienced players and technical resources to decide a match.

We’ll tip them to win on this 1st encounter, by thinking they are a superior team and also because they will have the advantage of playing at home.




Atlético Junior

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