The European leagues are coming to their final stretch, and even if there are a lot of important matches coming up, some teams have already organized themselves for next season. The new novel will have Juve, Barça and two players with a lot of quality as participants.


Since last week, news regarding Juventus’ interest on Barcelona’s midfielder Arthur have gained a lot of strength. At first, the staff around the Brazilian player sent out a negative response to the Italian club.

Arthur had been categorical to say he wouldn’t like leaving Barcelona, and for several reasons. He arrived at the Catalunya with the super star status, after standing out at Grêmio, and he was wanted by some European clubs, already being on the radar of the Brazilian national manager Tite back then.

However, Arthur didn’t perform as expected at Barcelona, and many rumours on the Spanish press reported very questionable attitudes from the player outside of the pitch. Barcelona then decided to sell their jewel, and Juventus should be the destination.

According to the Italian SkySports, Juventus would be paying about 72 million Euros to Barcelona, and then allowing the Catalan club to take one of their players. Now, it seems like Barcelona’s asking price reached around 80 million Euros and not even Arthur posed any resistance.

The Brazilian could be earning up to 10 million euros per season at Juventus, which would be a great advantage for the Italians. Now the final obstacle is Barcelona finding a piece from Cristiano Ronaldo’s team they desire.


Another important piece of this plot is the Bosnian midfielder Pjanic, from Juventus. The player would be an alternative to replace Arthur, since Barcelona is trying to renew their roster, but spending less than what they’re receiving, due to the economic crisis.

Some obstacles are still stopping this deal from being sealed. The first one is Pjanic’s salary, since, according to information, he earns considerably more than Arthur. Another important aspect of this deal is that Barcelona will be letting go of a 23-year old and will be receiving a 30-year old in exchange.

Despite Arthur’s poor moment of form, there is a clear disproportionality in this deal, and Juventus is certainly looking at better possibilities of doing well in the medium term.

Barcelona’s increase in price to free up Arthur might be the margin to cover the difference of value between the two athletes.

Juventus had asked about 55 million euros for the Bosnian, which means, at the end of the day, Barcelona will have a net profit of 25 million euros, but they will end up with an older and more expensive player.


Miralem Pjanic is a solid midfielder, he has 1.80m, he is a good set-piece taker, has a good touch and would certainly have room on Barcelona’s team.

Due to a matter of personal taste, maybe Barcelona would have to think about a name to replace some of their players soon, such as Busquets, but unfortunately there aren’t a lot of players with his characteristics.

Barcelona opted to move the wrong piece. Arthur isn’t doing well in Spain, but he has a very large growth margin. He is a young player, from the Brazilian national team, and with a more aggressive and mobile team, he would play a great part in the team, or at least on the roster.

Barça will have a good player that’s very useful but that is already heading towards a more complicated stage physically. Juventus opts for the reverse path, renewing their team, making it more agile, more versatile, and they’re banking on a recovery from the Brazilian star.

Barcelona is thinking about the present while Juventus are correctly already thinking about the future. Maybe things will work out for Barcelona immediately, but in the long term, this deal will benefit the Italian side more. Everything will depend on how the managers will setup their teams.


While Setién sets up a Barcelona that plays warm football, without mobility and extremely dependent on Messi, Sarri is looking to have a Juventus team to serve Cristiano Ronaldo and not depend on his genius in every match, just like the Catalan side does with Messi.

Members of Barcelona’s board are saying that the team would need a sale to balance their accounts and maybe that’s true, but it is certain that the desire of getting rid of Arthur is very high.

The future will tell us the result of this, but initially, I think Juventus has the edge here.

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