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Role of a fool! I can’t deny that I’ve had feelings that varied from surprise, cringe and disgust when I’ve watched a set of videos showcasing performances of somewhat doubtful taste, supposedly criticizing some archetypes of what we see on the online sports betting community these days.

Are sports betting becoming ridiculous?

It is not my part to judge the distress of others looking for lost prominence or the commercial strategies they utilize to gain clients and followers.


It is not an individual phenomenon, that’s for sure, but this kind of wider behaviour has been seen beyond what I’ve mentioned here.

It is becoming more and more common to see memes, bad jokes and a less serious approach to sports betting, with a strong humorous connotation that gets close to lack of seriousness.

And I tend to make a reflection about that trend here. After all, is treating sports betting as something ridiculous a problem or not?

What are the impacts that this kind of approach have on the universe of sports betting in general?

Professionalization with slapstick?

What’s curious about this new kind of approach with the audience is that it happens simultaneously with the expansion of the vision about professionalism in sports betting.

Each time we find more of this alleged sports betting professionals that speak a lot about investments, streamlining, organization, etc., which is the absorption of a corporative vision brought from the world of business.


I don’t think that is bad, I think some aspects such as discipline, diligence, method and study are even necessary, because these are things that are common to all areas of knowledge and therefore are also useful for those that wish to dedicate themselves to online betting.

However, alongside that we see the problematic situation of these clowns or comedians in the sports betting scene.

These are people that treat the universe as a joke, a bad one actually, creating funny characters, constantly making jokes and basically treating it all as a wisecrack.

In my opinion, this has 2 effects:

Firstly, it attracts newbies to sports betting in a deceiving way, since it paints a picture that isn’t accurate considering the reality of sports betting.

Secondly, and as a consequence of the first one: these people will lose money.

Without approaching the topic with the necessary seriousness, the loss is certain in this case. Let’s decide… are sports betting about investment and professionalization or a joke?

Living on these two different worlds seems highly contradictory and endorsing both of them is even worse.


They say that the difference between poison and medicine is only a matter of dosage. And that seems to be the case here. Don’t take me for a sad or grumpy person.

I’m far from that. People that know me are aware that I like to fool around and bring a certain lightheartedness to the topics we discuss in this world of sports betting.


But I believe there is a limit for everything. Especially when we are speaking to newer bettors and people that are just starting off, we must have a certain responsibility of transmitting a realistic vision of the universe of sports betting.

When speaking about sports betting, I speak about money, winning or losing it, and therefore we can’t be rash when speaking about it. The frontier between sense of humour and slapstick is very tenuous and recently I’ve been seeing it be crossed several times.

Painting the wrong picture

If there’s an offense that I consider the most serious of those that come into the universe of sports betting, and even amongst some of the most experienced ones, is thinking we are not upon a very serious matter.

As if the world of online betting was a minor matter, easy, a joke.

Of course everyone is free to approach betting the way they prefer. We have a huge myriad of kinds of different bettors and approaches amongst us.

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This text doesn’t intend to get deeper on methods or paths within sports betting.

I’m just putting forward an a priori discussion because if we start treating sports betting and its universe as a joke, a lot of people won’t even reach that stage of building a method. And I reaffirm that they will lose a lot of money in the process.

The matter of recreational bettor

Some will try to counter my argument. “The recreational bettor only wants to fool around, place a couple of bets, and he doesn’t want to become a professional bettor” That’s true. I respect that it can be true.

But if he only wants to do it for fun, why would he need to buy a tipster’s package or invest on the content of this “group” that promotes slapstick? Those people that are selling picks, courses, services, etc.

If the objective is only having fun, why would they buy that? That means we have a clear contradiction here. If the argument is defending the recreational bettor, there is no need to buy these kinds of products.

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But in fact, they promote the ridicule of sports betting and at the same time they want to push the doubtful products they sell in the attempt of discrediting the universe of sports betting.

Selling products requires a serious recall. When selling picks, they need independent tracking and consolidated results. On the case of courses, it’s even worse since teaching requires a proven “know-how”.

That means, when appealing to the tomfoolery, they want to enjoy the good share of sales and not have to worry about their own competence.

They just want to sell

At the end, it seems to me that the strategy of presenting sports betting as a professional investment, with some humorous content and memes in the mix, utilized by these digital influencers only has the final goal of selling their
own products.

There isn’t a real commitment with the universe of sports betting. The real objective is only captivating the different kind of crowds that keep being presented on online betting.


If you aren’t able to draw clients through the investment thesis, then let’s attack through tomfoolery.

That way, you grasp the attention of the individuals that are looking to take sports betting seriously but also those that only want to bet 10 Euros on the weekend.

At bottom, they play around with the expectations of every person looking to maximize their own personal benefit.

Focus and seriousness

Do you want to laugh? No problem. But look for something that doesn’t involve your money and that can lose you some.

Building a method in sports betting and looking to become a profitable investor/bettor isn’t funny. It will be a
lonely, long and painful process.

I have a mantra that I always repeat, and it seems like not a lot of people follow my advice.


Any activity will offer you a return proportional to the importance you give to it.

Debunking what it means? It is useless to come into the sports betting world through these “clowns” thinking you will win a lot of money without putting in any effort, it will not work out.

Sports betting, or any other activity, can’t be treated as a joke or mockery, otherwise the result will be laughable.

You should be very careful with these people that at the same time they sell themselves as professional, resort to jokes and memes to attract more clients. The “clown” on this entire process may end up being yourself!

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