Are betting guides about the start of the season worth anything?

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The main leagues in the world have barely started but they are already on FIFA’s database. And this period allows us to reflect about an obsession of the content creators of the betting world: the league guides.

At the end, for the bettors, what are these betting guides useful for?

What is the value of this kind of content? Are they worth anything? At every start of the season it’s the same thing. Every website that produces content for online betting are fighting each other wanting to launch guides before the others website, for this and that. Every league is targeted by the information overflow of the authors. At the start of the year, the target is the South American leagues.

The Brazilian Serie A is the focus in the middle of the year and in August, most of the main European leagues are the targets of these guides that supposedly should help the bettor.

Here I should make a disclaimer that every generalization is stupid. Eventually, there should be a guide that escapes the generic characteristics that I’ll discuss here.

But honestly, more than 90% of the articles produced follow the patterns I will utilize as an archetype for the analysis. Once again, I’m not excluded of sometimes recurring to this kind of practice.

I always claim I’m independent on my analysis so, my reflection is about the practice and not the author. Therefore, the criticism is for
everyone, including this same website, since this is not toxic criticism but regarding the nature of the content that has been produced.

Qualified information or not? Wikipedia, SoccerStats and similar sites

Have you already seen where most of the information provided on these start of the season’s guides come from?

Wikipedia, football statistics websites, basically, information of public domain that can be accessed at any time and by anyone that isn’t lazy.

Honestly… what is the purpose of offering a guide based on a content generated by Wikipedia? I really enjoy utilizing Wikipedia for several purposes, but would anyone in a right state of mind guide their bets due to the kind of content offered on a Wikipedia page?

Or then simple statistics that the bookmakers and bettors are more than aware of? Even worse… what does the starting line-up from a certain team from last season help you on?

Or even more ridiculous: information about the clubs’ stadium? On such a competitive scenario, do you really need to know about the champions of the first 50 years of the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga or any other league?

We are mostly speaking about extremely trivial information and completely useless for the growth of an online bettor. But what’s the point of these guides?

Well their objective is click baiting, which means, attracting a newbie or unwary bettor that thinks that reading such a guide offered might bring him some sort of specialization in the league in question.

When in fact, he will end up with a volume of information that is nearly useless. Look! A Ligue 1 guide, I’ll start understanding it minimally to start betting in this league: complete mistake!

Is it bad or good?

It is bad. Not even the effort of trying to compile a public and useless content on a single text volume deserves my remark.

And the worst part is that these guides produce shameless information about the topic they are supposedly talking about, potentially causing a negative effect on the bettors, especially the newer ones, but also on the more experienced ones.

The main negative effect is definitely tricking the reader that by absorbing this information he might bet with the minimum of knowledge about the league in question.

The reader reads that guide and believes that he has the ability to start betting. When in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Basically, it creates a false sense of knowledge.


The reality is that he will barely know the competition that is being approached and that will mislead him, leading him to making EV- bets and increasing the amount of money lost.

Therefore, besides offering ordinary and awful information, these guides will harm what is the most important thing for a bettor: winning bets. They will bring you losses.

That’s because us, as bettors, look for information about what we don’t know.We want qualified information about leagues we aren’t experts in to improve our performance when betting.

For the ones that we know, we don’t need guides. Therefore, these useless guides end up tricking both the newbie and the expert that is looking for good information. Having awful information about what we don’t know is the path to defeat.

Advantage? How could they serve as an advantage?

The answer here is simple. They could, if the authors really were experts on the leagues they are talking about. Besides that, they would need to offer a qualified and critical content about those competitions, teams and players.

Not only speak about the stadium and other completely irrelevant information. But the cold hard truth is that the people that write these guides are far from being experts.

Most of the time, some of them are hired and are simple ghost writers or copywriters that just write gibberish to make it sound relevant.
And there is still a needed extrapolation, because even if the author is an expert, he will hardly turn the reader into a specialist.

Of course that the information would be more qualified and relevant in case there was a focus on looking for value in sports betting.


But not every expert is able to share this knowledge on a necessary format so that others can absorb it. Sometimes, that is so natural for the bettor himself that he isn’t able to put it into a guide.

Then, even if we had a great bettor and that was an expert in a certain league, there wouldn’t be a quality guide. But it would at least be a great start.

The power of compilation

In order not to get called unfair or negative and only looking at the negative aspects, I highlight what might be the only positive aspect of these guides: compilation.

Adding all that useless nonsense on the same text requires at least some time. Even if it is worthless and the information there is disposable from the critical and analytical point of view as a bettor, at least they put it all together into one article.


What is a guide useful for if it doesn’t make you an expert or offer you quality information to make your bets? NOTHING!

Upon such a large universe of information and so many difficulties that the bookmakers impose to the bettors, wasting time with ordinary information is a step backwards.

We should focus on qualified information that can offer us an advantage as bettors, which isn’t the case for most of these guides.

What will be the difference between profit and loss on sports betting will be the quality of the information and the quality on most of these guides is pathetic.

There are some exceptions of course, but generally we have ordinary information here, without depth, being just fillers and not offering valid knowledge related to what’s happening on the said competition.


Most of the information is only copied from public knowledge and the authors themselves don’t have any knowledge about what they’re talking about.

It’s a sad and depressing “parade” of lack of knowledge, with worthless information that doesn’t help anyone.

To make matters worse, as we’ve already highlighted, a false sense of knowledge can lead bettors to making losing bets without having a solid and deep basis of knowledge of the league in question.

To conclude, these guides are true flops that were poorly made and that don’t help any bettors to improve themselves.

I don’t advise anyone to follow these guides that most of the websites offer at the start of the season. In fact, I don’t advise not even those that simply want to follow the Premier League on TV.

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