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The Brazilian Anderson Silva returned to the spotlight, by challenging the Irishman Conor McGregor for a fight. To the surprise of many, McGregor accepted the “invite”. Will we see this super fight happening?


Throughout time, we saw fights that went down in the history books. It seems like we are about to witness another duel with a lot of newsworthy potential, on the clash between Andserson Silva and Conor McGregor.

Anderson Silva vs Conor McGregor in the UFC?

The Spider used his profile on Instagram to make a new “invitation” to Conor McGregor. Anderson Silva made several compliments to the Irishman, and exposed his desire of fighting against him, as a gift to the sport and fans in general. Then everyone was expecting the response of the Irishman and “The Notorious”, as McGregor is known, answered in a clear and simple fashion: “I accept”.

Anderson Silva in his post, said he has a huge admiration for Conor McGregor and that this super fight would be something historical for the sport. According to the Brazilian, neither of them has anything to prove at this point and testing his abilities against this opponent would be fantastic.

The fight in question would be at catchweight, which means, without the weight restrictions of a specific category. Both fights should be at 80kg for this fight. Anderson Silva was a middleweight fighter, which weight limit was 84kg. As for Conor McGregor, he fought on the featherweight and lightweight categories and he actually fought some fights at a higher category, at welterweight, which limit was 77.6kg.

That way, Spider’s proposal is that both fighters should meet on an intermediate weight between both categories (middleweight and welterweight). The Notorious, in case he accepts the challenge, will add another great duel to his historical record full of great fights and will surely draw great attention from the press, sponsors and fans all over the world.


Anderson Silva was a super champion at middleweight in the UFC, considered by many the best fighter in the world for several consecutive years. The Brazilian was inclusively named by Conor McGregor himself as the best fighter in the UFC’s history. The Spider has an enviable record, with 34 victories and 10 losses, but it gets even better.

The Brazilian has gotten 17 consecutive victories, with 10 title defences on his weight class. It was surely a time of huge growth in MMA all over the world and Anderson Silva gained millions of fans for the sport and for himself. His fighting style is very irreverent, lowering his guard, dodging a lot and having a huge knockout power.

The Brazilian has 23 knockouts on his career and he shined on several magnificent fights. Conor McGregor is a very daring fighter and is even annoying a lot of times. His blunt and provocative style attracts eyes from all over the world for his fights and he is still a very successful media stunt.

The Notorious has 22 incredible victories and only 4 losses throughout his professional career. McGregor has something spectacular on his resume, having gotten two titles on different weight classes at the same time. Conor McGregor has memorable fights, like the one where he defeated the Brazilian José Aldo in only 13 seconds.

The Irishman has a very peculiar style, and he usually makes “predictions” of how his fights will end, and what’s even more interesting, is that a lot of times he is right on those predictions. Of the 22 victories he has in his career, McGregor has 19 knockouts. Imagine how spectacular it would have been a fight between two excellent strikers such as Spider and The Notorious. It would be incredible! In fact, some bookmakers have already opened up odds for the encounter.


Conor McGregor loves to be in the spotlight during his fights. In 2017, he stepped into the ring against Floyd Maywerather, boxing champion. The fight was a sensation all over the world and everyone was watching what was a spectacular fight between two super winners in their respective sports.

The fight was extremely profitable for both. Floyd took home around 100 million dollars, while McGregor pocketed 30 million dollars. Those amounts don’t include sponsors, TV rights, etc.

The fight took place with boxing rules, on a 12 rounds fight. The Irishman was knocked out on the 10th round, surprising everyone, that didn’t expect such a long fight. According to Mayweather, McGregor is a very tough fighter, managing to survive 10 rounds on an environment that wasn’t his own and it was much better than what he (Floyd) expected.

Our expectation now is that the fight against Anderson Silva, for us to have another duel that will go into the martial arts’ history books. Let’s wait!





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