The current world’s number 1, Serbian Novak Djokovic, has been disqualified from the US Open, in the past weekend, after hitting a line judge with a ball.


The US Open is the first major tournament to be held after months of inactivity, so if even before all the chaos we’ve experienced, a Grand Slam was already an attraction to the world, this one has a very special flavor.

Last weekend, the fans went mad after an atypical situation occur in the US Open.

The current world’s number 1, the Serbian Novak Djokovic, faced the Spanish Pablo Carreño Busta, in an encounter valid for the round of 16 of the tournament.

Still in the first set, Djokovic had his serve broken by Carreño Busta, and in an angry reaction, the Serbian smacked the ball to the side, hitting a line judge.

The judge spent a few moments lying on the ground, increasing even more the feeling of seriousness of what Djokovic had done.


The refereeing took a few minutes discussing the situation that had occurred, possibly debating about a deliberate or accidental action, aswel as analyzing the possible exclusion of the athlete, and that’s what happened. After a few moments, Novak Djokovic was expelled from the US Open.

The United States Tennis Association, also informed that the tennis player will lose all the points and prize money acquired until that stage of the competition.


What we saw at the weekend was simply historical. Maybe something like this will never happen again while many of us are still alive. A top player, being kicked out of a Grand Slam after a move like this.

Novak Djokovic had won his previous 26 games in this 2020 season, and everything seemed to be heading for a 27th win without much trouble. Carreño Busta is not a very weak athlete, but it seemed that he would not be such a big trouble to the Serbian.

The game was still in the first set, and a break at that time meant nothing more than a small inconvenience to a great tennis player. The match was not in its decisive moment, and besides, Djoko was feeling confident, since right at the beginning of the match, 3 aces in a row had gone to the Serbian’s account.

The game was balanced, Djokovic was winning by 5-4, since the Spaniard slowly managed to enter the game and confirm his services. The break in the tenth game bothered the number 1 in the world, but the Serbian was not going through a moment of real anger for a stupid attitude like this to go down on purpose.

Let’s imagine a break at that time, and a service confirmation from Carreño Busta soon after. If Djokovic confirmed his service game, the game would go into a Tie Break, and even if he lost that set, he would have to lose two more in order to be knocked out of the Grand Slam.

It was an irresponsible attitude, but I don’t think it was intentional, precisely because there was no reason to worry too much at that time.


I believe that even without intention, the disqualification of the Serb was right. According to many experts, expelling a player of this magnitude represents something very clear: a big example, and the confirmation that the rules apply to everyone.

This is not the first time that the Serb has been controversial. Still this year, the current world’s number 1 organized an exhibition tournament, in the midst of the chaos that the world was living with the dissemination of Covid-19.

Even though the event took place in Europe where, in theory, everything was under control, the tournament had large crowds, zero distance between athletes, staff, arbitration and fans.

Moreover, Djokovic and other athletes were caught attending some parties. It resulted in several new cases of Covid, showing a total lack of common sense from the athlete.

At a given moment, Novak Djokovic even showed himself contrary to a vaccine for Covid-19, in the midst of the chaos experienced by the world, stripping himself from his position of athlete, opinion maker, and example for many.

We do not stop there. Before the return of the official tennis tournaments, the ATP tried to establish protocols so that everything would go down safely, and set up a similar plan as the one from NBA, making athletes and commissions stay in a “bubble”.

Djokovic led a protest, contesting the organizers decisions, and difficulting the immediate execution of the tournament.

Also, after the exclusion of two tennis players who did not tested positive for Covid, and both were still excluded from the US Open, Djoko once again took the lead, and threatened to boycott the Grand Slam.

For many, it’s all a rumor, and honestly, I don’t believe it. Djokovic has now lost the chance to win his 18th Grand Slam title, besides money and points in the Ranking.
We cannot say that this 2020 year has been great for the Serbian, since outside the courts his situation is very bad.

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